Jets should get a guy whose done it Dan Leberfeld

With the Jets looking for a new coach, here is one type of candidate they should try and skip this time around:

Avoid hiring a coordinator whose never been a head coach before.

It’s time for the Jets to hire a guy with head coaching experience.

Their last four head coaches were coordinators who had never done the job before. It’s time for a guy who enters the building knowing how to do the job, not somebody who needs of a year or two to figure it out.

This is NY, the #1 market, enough of this learning on the job stuff. This is Broadway, not summer stock theatre.

And after eight years out of the playoffs, this isn’t a good time for the Jets to hire a head coaching novice who will use 2019 to figure out how to do the job.

The Jets need to hire a proven head coaching commodity.


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