Pettine thinks Bart better this year than last Dan Leberfeld

Some think Bart Scott has been a little quiet this year, overall, on the field.
Mike Pettine doesn’t agree with that at all.
“Bart’s had a better year this year than he did a year ago as far as doing his job within the structure of the defense, “Pettine said. “As with all guys, there will be hiccups here and there.  When Bart makes a mistake, it’s usually because it’s competitiveness.  He wants to do more than just his job.  If you’re going to have a guy make a mistake, you want it to be that way because you know the guy is competing his rear-end off and wanting to make plays for the defense.
“Sometimes you get caught up in statistics.  It’s not like baseball where you can just look at a guy and say he’s having a better year and I can back it up numerically.  For us, it’s different.  Depending on the scheme and where we’re putting guys and what the offense is doing and identifying a guy as a good player and wanting to get a helmet on him, different guys are freed up to make plays.  We don’t really get as wrapped up in the numbers as maybe some other people do.”