Post-game conversation with Quincy Enunwa Dan Leberfeld

Q)What led to the turnaround in the second half?

Quincy Enunwa: We got a great speech in the locker room from Coach Dorrell, and he asked us, “Who is going to step up?” That is when our group of receivers realized that is our call to go out and make plays. That is what we tried to do and it sparked the rest of the team.

Q)What adjustments did you guys make on offense?

Enunwa: We changed personnel to try and get the running game going. It helped us with the pass. When the backs start rolling, we are a good team.

Q)What can you tell us about your touchdown catch?

Enunwa: Honestly, it happened so fast, I don’t really remember it. It was one of those plays I wanted to get into the end zone no matter what. I had an opportunity and wanted to take advantage, make a play for our team.

Q)Two-game winning streak . . .

Enunwa: I think this is something we can ride, hopefully all the way to the bye week. We want to keep winning.