Premium – Breaking down the OL Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – The Jets blocking in this game was very inconsistent. Houston’s talented defensive line gave them fits.. Dan takes a close look –


A play that epitomizes the Jets protection issues in this game was late in the first half, when nobody picked up S Bernard Pollard, and he crushed Mark Sanchez, in the back, but was called for roughing the passer. This was another example of the NFL’s unrealistic hitting rules.

On the Jets first possession,  LaDainian Tomlinson lost a yard on a run off left tackle. He ran into Tony Richardson, his lead blocker, and fell to the ground. Another play similar to this was in the third quarter. Tomlinson had a run up the middle that went for no gain. On this play, DE Tim Jamison pushed Richardson into Tomlinson, and the runner went to the ground.

In the middle of the second quarter, on an L.T. run to the right side, Braylon Edwards was called for an illegal block.

Let’s get to the offensive line.

It’s hard to say anybody on the line played well.

Matt Slauson had some issues. He was beat by DE Mark Anderson, who messed up a Shonn Greene rushing attempt on the mid-fourth quarter play that resulted in a fumble. Slauson was beat for a sack by journeyman DT Damione Lewis at the end of the first quarter.

D’Brickashaw Ferguson has played better. Late in the first quarter, Ferguson was beat by Anderson around the edge, but the defensive end missed Sanchez, and went flying into the back of Damien Woody’s right leg, injuring his right knee. Brick had a false start in the middle of the second quarter. Mario Williams beat Brick in the fourth quarter, and Sanchez threw the ball away.

Brick’s best run block of the game was in the middle of the third quarter. He locked up OLB Darryl Sharpton (Al’s nephew), and Greene ran behind him for a gain of 11, off left tackle.

Nick Mangold didn’t do a great job on Tomlinson’s first carry of the second half, when Kevin Bentley got by him to stop the runner for no gain. One of Mangold’s better plays was a block on CB Glover Quin, on an LT screen on the right, that went for eight yards, early in the fourth quarter.

As per usual, Greene was the best friend of his offensive line with broken tackles. He broke a tackle attempt by LB Brian Cushing around the line, and took this carry nine yards at the end of the first half.

Wayne Hunter had a rough game filling in for Woody at right tackle. Hunter was beat by Anderson, and hit Sanchez as he was throwing, on the interception by Bentley late in the game. In the middle of the fourth quarter, Williams beat Hunter for a sack.

Williams beat Hunter again on the second to last drive, but Sanchez avoided the end, and ran for 10 yards up the middle. On the first play of the last drive, Williams beat Hunter, but Sanchez was able to get rid of the ball at the last second, and hit L.T. for a gain of five on the right side.

Cushing went unblocked and stopped L.T. for no gain to end of the third quarter.

I will say this. It wasn’t a good game for the offensive line, but this is one of the NFL’s best defensive fronts.