Q-and-A with a very underrated WR Dan Leberfeld

Q)What are your best assets?

WR Jared Abbrederis – Wisconsin: I think a couple different things. I think the main one would be my route-running. I take pride in that, getting in and out of breaks; at the top of a route, trying to be quick in and out of your cut.

Knowing where to be at the right time, understanding coverages, understanding the offense, concepts. When you understand a whole play, it helps you play a lot faster, so that’s kind of what I pride myself on.

Q)What was your toughest match-up this past season?

Abbrederis: Probably one of the better match-ups that I had was probably one of my best games, which was (against Ohio State CB Bradley) Roby. He’s a great player. I was able to still have a pretty good game.

Q)What do you think the toughest transition will be from college to the NFL?

Abbrederis: Obviously the mental side of the game is one of the bigger jumps, and obviously just how physical, fast (the NFL is), everybody is better athletes. There’s a lot of things that will change.

Q)Do you have a chip on your shoulder from being a walk-on?

Abbrederis: I obviously have the underdog mentality. I think the biggest thing for me, I’m a goal-setter. So when I set a goal I do everything in my power to achieve that. Growing up, I’ve always been like that, and that just kind of carried on through my career as a walk-on, once I earned a scholarship, and (now) trying to achieve my goals here in the NFL.