Q-and-A with Bowles on Amaro going to IR Dan Leberfeld

Q)Why was Jace Amaro put on IR?

Bowles: It was either a two-week period, two and a half, three week period to get better. If it didn’t get any better and it was still as worse as it was, then we’d have to go ahead and do surgery and we’d have to shelve him. So we gave him time to get better and he didn’t get better. So, end result is we have to do surgery and put him on IR.

Q)Is it a torn labrum?

Bowles: That’s what they said it was. But, he can’t do anything. We had to put him on IR. He’s still in a lot of pain.

Q)Did he have surgery yet?

Bowles: Not yet.

Q)What is the state of your tight end position?

Bowles: Somebody has to step up. We have a couple guys playing this week that we want to see more of. We’ll look at it from there. It’s just a chance for somebody else to play.

Q)Was Amaro surprised to be put on IR?

Bowles: (He) wasn’t surprised, I mean he was bummed out about it. But, if you’re in pain and you’re not getting any better, you have to fix it sooner than later.

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