Q-and-A with Darrelle Revis Dan Leberfeld

Q)How were the Jets able to limit big plays from Rob Gronkowski?

Darrelle Revis: We wanted to start off fast today. We wanted keep the pressure on Tom Brady. I think we did a good job especially going against a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Q)What was the Jets’ defensive game plan like today?

Revis: We were able to mix up a couple coverages. The front line was able to get to Brady. All we needed to do was control the game. New England was able to make plays too down the stretch.

Our backs were definitely against the wall this game. We knew if we didn’t get this win, our playoffs picture didn’t look so good. I think we responded well. All around, we played a good game.

Q)On intercepting QB Tom Brady…

Revis: It was a great call by coach. The defensive line was able to get a lot of pressure on Brady. We wanted to get pressure on him and force him to make a decision he didn’t want to make.

Q)On the Pittsburgh Steelers loss…

Revis: I didn’t even know that they lost. Thank you for the news. It’s pretty good. It’s pretty awesome. We have one more game. We need to keep pushing as a team.

QHow will it feel facing your former coach Rex Ryan next week?

Revis: It’s just the next game on the schedule. They beat us earlier in the year. It will be tight game just like this one.