Q-and-A with Dennis Thurman on Milliner Dan Leberfeld

Q)What it will mean to have Dee Milliner back on Sunday…

Jets Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman: I’m not sure yet if he has actually been cleared to play, but he has practiced some. We’ll have a better feel and understanding after practice tomorrow of what his status really is, but it is nice to see him out there moving around. It is encouraging, but at the same time we’re still not sure because he hasn’t been cleared to play.

Q)How long it will take Milliner to get caught up?

Thurman: It’s all about game speed. It is hard to say, but if he continues to practice and there is no swelling and he is cleared to play, whatever reps he gets, we expect him to go out and perform up to a certain level.

Q)If he gets cleared to play, why won’t he start?

Thurman: If he doesn’t start, but he is cleared to play, I’m sure we will play him in some capacity and you will see him out on the field.

Q)How did the cornerbacks play last week (with Milliner out)?

Thurman: They played pretty well under the circumstances and held up out there pretty well. They had one ball that was thrown over our heads which happened to be the last play, which cost us seven points. We feel like they went out, competed and did what we asked them to do for the most part.