Q-and-A with Eric Decker about Jets win Dan Leberfeld

Q)What are your thoughts on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s performance today?

Eric Decker: He put us in a lot of good situations. We moved down the field, ran our offense, executed and we gave ourselves a bunch of opportunities in the fourth quarter. To get that catch and throw with Marshall to tie the game, that was big time.

This is a game we need to really come together, to come from behind and finally win one. This win is hopefully going to boost us into the next couple of weeks.

Q)What was Fitz like in the huddle?

Decker: Same old Fitz. Command of the huddle, getting the play out, calm, collective, what a good leader should be.

Q)How would you describe the win?

Decker: This is a statement game for us as far as coming from behind and winning one. We’ve had a couple of opportunities in the past.

We know we made a bunch of mistakes. They put a lot of pressure on Fitzpatrick. To get this win is big-time for us.