Q-and-A with Rex on Decker injury Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan: (Eric) Decker, when he was out there, he felt tight so we pulled him out of practice, so he did not practice today. But that allowed us to work some of the others, especially T.J. Graham, work him more. And so I think it was good to get some of those guys more opportunities. Hopefully, Decker will be alright. I’m hopeful he’ll play, but that was just something we felt that it would be best to not have him practice today.

Q)Do you think Decker’s hamstring injury will be a lingering issue?

Ryan: I think you always have that concern, but he probably played more than we even thought he would. He had like 51 plays. That was when Nelson went down in the game. That was probably a little more than we anticipated. But the fact (is), we’re being smart with him. If it’s tight, he feels tight, then we’re not going to push him on the practice field. But like I said, I’m hopeful he’ll play Sunday.

Q)Is the Decker injury the same hamstring?

Ryan: Yes.

Q)When did the hamstring tighten up?

Ryan: It was just out there on the field. He just never felt right and that’s why we just backed him down.

Q)Would there be a benefit to resting Decker to give him a full two weeks to rest?

Ryan: Yeah, I understand where you’re coming (from) with that, but I think if he thinks he’s well enough to play and our trainers think he’s well enough to play, even in a limited role, you want your best players out there.