Q-and-A with Ryan Fitzpatrick Dan Leberfeld

Q)How critical was it to get off to a fast start today?

Ryan Fitzpatrick: We wanted to start fast. That was kind of a theme going into the game.

Q)Is this is the best they have been playing as a team?

Fitzpatrick: I think so. I mean there’s obviously a lot of room for improvement and that’s what’s exciting about it.

Q)Do you feel the team is peaking right now?

Fitzpatrick: There’s a lot that goes into that, some of it’s health, some of it’s chemistry. I think, especially offensively, we’ve got some good chemistry going right now.

Q)How key is improved chemistry as the season has progressed?

Fitzpatrick: I think that plays a little bit into it, just building relationships off the field. But there’s so much that’s just about the experience on the field too, stuff that you can’t really do in training camp or you can’t really do in practice, situations like the one today where I threw it to Brandon (Marshall), that one. It’s not like we ever really practiced that, it’s just three guys, me, Nick (Mangold), and Brandon, being on the same page. I thought that was a good example of just a good feel, good chemistry working in our favor right there. The more we play together, the better we’ll get.

Q)Keys to the offensive play during the three-game winning streak . . .

Fitzpatrick: I think I’ve tried to simplify it a little bit. I just have to continue to try to play smart football and not turn the ball over and getting into the end zone, whether it’s throwing it or running it, just getting our guys in the end zone. That’s what my focus has been.