Q-and-A with WR Mike Evans Part II Dan Leberfeld

Q)Did Johnny Manziel help make you better?

Evans: He throws great balls all the time. He throws it away from the defender, where only I can get it. So, he’s a great passer and a great quarterback.

Q)What happened with your two personal fouls against Duke?

Evans: Yeah, going into it, thinking it’s my last game, overly emotional, trying to get a pass interference call, a bonehead play by me. Second personal foul, I was upset, didn’t know why I got that one. Johnny came to the sideline, him being a leader, myself being a leader, we talked it over, and then he told me he needed me to win the game. Came to me in the second half and ended a great career.

Q)What happened on the second personal foul?

Evans: I think I pushed off at the end of the play. The play was dead and I think I pushed him off. I slapped at the cornerback.

Q)What does it take to succeed in the NFL?

Evans: Work ethic and being a film head, getting in and watching film, especially route running. And a little talent never hurt.

Q)How does you height help your game?

Evans: It helps with blocking and it helps with jump balls.

Q)How would you describe your personality?

Evans: I talk way more on the field than I do with the media. I seem like a quiet guy to the media, but on the field, I talk a little noise.

Q)Who do you model your game after in the NFL?

Evans: I get a lot of Vincent Jackson comparisons, and that’s a great comparison. But I think Brandon Marshall. He’s vicious after the catch, big, physical guy, can go up and get it, blocks real well. So I’ve modeled my game after him since high school.

Q)What are the keys to catching jump balls?

Evans: You have to have good eye-hand coordination, timing with the ball. There are a lot of smaller guys that are good at jump balls as well. Being quick off the ground.