Revis trade? Dan Leberfeld

Jason La Canfora thinks the Jets might trade CB Darrelle Revis.

“I’ve talked to some people today who say that Woody Johnson is very interested in trading Darrelle Revis,” La Canfora said on Showtime. “Now, you look at the Jets. They’re in transition. A new general manager in John Idzik. One of his first courses of action may be trying to find out what he can get for Darrelle Revis. He’s set to make $6 million this year. But then, after the season, he can’t be franchised after 2013. They don’t think they’re going to have the wherewithal to keep him off the open market. So, if you’re going to get any value for him, you need to find out what he’s worth now.”

It makes sense to explore it.

But if they can’t get a first round pick, they should probably keep him.