Rex and his wife’s feet Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan and the Jets organization are taking the following position on his wife’s reporter foot fetish video, all over the internet –

“This is a personal matter and Rex will have no comment,” the organization said in a statement.

Perhaps it is a personal matter, but what I don’t get is why, Rex, who wanted to be an NFL head coach (this video is from a few years ago), would ever appear (and it sounds like him on the video), in such a video, and jeopardize his chance of being a head coach?

I really don’t care what they do in the private lives, but why make a video, and potentially ruin your coaching career?

And considering how thoroughly security guruĀ Steve Yarnell invesigates all potential Jets employees,Ā  you have to wonder if the Jets knew about the Ryan’s lifestyle, prior to hiring the coach.