Rex clearly views this as a QB competition Dan Leberfeld

Michael Vick said today that there is no quarterback competition in Florham Park. He thinks the Jets’ starting quarterback job belongs to Geno Smith.

But based on what Rex Ryan said last week, the coach clearly views this as a QB competition.

“[Geno Smith] is going to be hard to beat out,” Ryan said on WFAN. “Even as talented a player as Mike Vick is, I think Geno Smith has made that big a stride. And again, the proof will be in the pudding when we play this thing out.”

Ryan also said on WFAN that Vick “definitely has a chance to win the job.”

So if Ryan said Vick “definitely has a chance to win the job,” and the coach talked about playing “this thing out,” does that wound like a scenario were Smith has already been anointed the starter?

It certainly doesn’t sound that way.

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