Rex gets more hands-on with defense Dan Leberfeld

Coming off a shaky month of defense, Rex Ryan got more involved in the defensive meetings on Wednesday.
“They could tell I was itching to go, so they let me run the base defense,” Ryan said.  “I just wanted to get back (to my roots) a little bit.”
Rex wanted to stress what his defensive culture is all about.
“This is what we do,” Ryan said. “This is how we expect it to be played.  (We) almost went back to minicamp-type things.  I want them to understand the importance of what we’re talking about.  These are things that we’ve talked about since Day One since we’ve been here.”
So what kind of things did he reiterate? 
“They had to listen to me for an hour going over base calls that they know,” Ryan said.  “This is one of our staples.  This is how we play base (defense) and we have to get back to it.”
And they also might need to tweak some personnel, but it’s a longshot they do that.