Rex imitates Gomer Pyle Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – Rex Ryan did his best Gomer Pyle or Screech imitation at today’s press conference, when talking about Mark Sanchez’s shoulder.

He pretended to be a goofball when it comes to understanding injuries.

“Mark Sanchez has a sore shoulder,” Ryan said. “The technical stuff I would try, but there is no way I could get any of that stuff out. They break things down in layman’s terms for me.”

Manish “M.A.” Mehta reported that Sanchez tore some cartilage in this throwing shoulder. Ryan was asked repeatedly about that report, and acted like had no clue what reporters were talking about.

Look-it, I understand he doesn’t want to talk about what is exactly wrong with Mark’s shoulder. You don’t want opponents knowing that kind of information, especially about your quarterback. But I doubt many people are buying Rex’s naivete.

The head coach of an NFL team isn’t told exactly what is wrong with the shoulder of his franchise quarterback? Rex, come back to us.

We understand why you are doing it, but nobody in the press room is buying that you don’t know the nature of the injury.