Rex in danger of losing the locker room. Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan is risking losing his locker room.

Players aren’t stupid.

Most of them realize Mike Vick gives them a better chance to win.

I’m not saying he’s a great quarterback, but with all his experience (which is huge at that position), he gives them a better chance to win.

Players know which way is up.

Reporters and fans can say, “The Jets should just spend this year letting Geno Smith develop – Mike Vick’s not the future.”

Players aren’t into that NFL Europe mentality.

Players want to win.

They destroy their bodies every week, and feel like they were in a car wreck every Monday morning after a game. True they get paid well, but the pain is a lot easier to deal with after a win.

To so many players in the Jets’ locker room, Vick is an iconic figure. So many of them had him as their “Madden” quarterback.

Obviously the Jets aren’t going to the Super Bowl.

The playoffs are the longest of long-shots.

But the players still want to win games. That is how they are wired.

And for them to see Vick in the locker room and on the practice field, and then see him standing on the sidelines during games, has to frustrate the heck out of most of them.

To me, if Ryan and John Idzik continue to start Geno Smith, and continue to lose, there is a chance the coach loses the locker room (if he hasn’t already).

Players aren’t stupid.