Rex on Sanchez as a defensive reader Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – The last three game, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has struggled reading defenses.

What’s up?

“I think part of that is the protection,” Rex Ryan said. “When you have guys buzzing the tower, it probably makes it a lot more difficult to read defenses. Some penalties have hurt us. I won’t disgree (that he’s struggling reading defenses). It’s just a lot tougher when the protection is not holding up.”

But Rex is quick to point out that the Jets are 9-4 this year with Sanchez.

“I’ve always said it, judge a quraterback on his wins and losses, and generally, I think, those are the guys that end up being the best quarterbacks,” Ryan said. “It’s proven out over the long haul.”

And in the short haul, a win over Pittsburgh would certainly boost the confidence of the Jets offense and their second-year quarterback.