Rex rightfully praises Schottenheimer Dan Leberfeld

Brian Schottenheimer called one of his best games as Jets offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh.

“[The offensive game plan was] tremendous,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said. “I think we ran the ball effectively against Pittsburgh. For our standards, probably not very good, but against Pittsburgh, it’s probably the most (rushing yards) they gave up all year. I think that speaks volumes about the game plan we had and also talks about how our offensive line (played). (They) really played well against an outstanding front.

“That fourth-and-one call, (I asked him if he) felt good about the call? (He said), ‘Yeah, I feel good. We’re going for it.’ He made that call. It is like, ‘Oh, please take the bait.’ Everybody took it.”

But if the Jets offense has a rough game in Chicago, Schottenheimer will likely be back in the doghouse with many fans.

That is what happens when you are a Jets offensive coordinator.