Rex Ryan on the Jets open QB “competition” Dan Leberfeld

Mike Vick said again today that there is no QB competition.

What say you Rex Ryan?

“I think there is competition,” Ryan said. “There’s no doubt. You try to get it at every position. It’s probably unrealistic to think you can have it at every position, but certainly we have competition and competition sometimes has to be maybe manufactured.

“I think we’ll let it play out a little bit. It’s the second day of OTA’s. It’s not a closed competition. (joking) It’s competition. I don’t mean to make light of it, but in a way I think I should. It’s the second day of OTA’s and here we have these questions. But again, let’s let it play out. One thing we know for certain, that the player, and not just at quarterback, but at any position, rest assured, the guy that we think will give us the best opportunity to win will be there, will be the guy.”

What does that exactly mean?

It’s hard to discern.