Rex Ryan Q-and-A on foot fetish story Dan Leberfeld

Q)Did you and your wife make the video?
Ryan: Obviously, I knew these questions were coming.  This is a personal matter and I’m not going to discuss it. 
Q)Can you confirm if it was you and your wife on the video?
Ryan: Again, this is a personal matter.  I hope you can respect the fact that I wish not to discuss it. 
Q)Will the videos be a distraction to the team?
Ryan: We’re going to be ready to play Chicago and I am ready.  This is my job and I’m focused on the job at hand.
QHow did the videos get  online?
Ryan: Again, this is a personal matter.  I really don’t want to discuss it.
Q) Have you talked to the organization about the videos?
Ryan: It’s personal. 
Q)By not talking about the videos, are you admitting guilt?
Ryan: I just want to keep it as a personal matter and I’m not here to discuss it. 
Q)Some people think you are cool after watching the videos . . .
Ryan: I understand that I’m going to be asked this question front-ways, side-ways, back-ways and all this.  It is a personal matter.