Rex Ryan talks about one of the all-time great returners Dan Leberfeld

Q)What does Josh Cribbs bring to the Jets?

Rex Ryan: I guess we’ll find out.

But certainly here’s a guy with the resume as a former Pro Bowl returner, number one, and then a decent receiver as well. So there (are) a lot of things I think he brings to the table.

I think with that name on the back, (if) he stands back there, you’re going to be a little nervous because we’ve all been scorched by him in the past. There’s a knack for hitting those returns. It’s not just about speed and all that, it’s a guy that’s seen it and certainly he’s been there and done it before.

Q)What did you guys need to see from Cribbs in his recent workout for the team?

Ryan: We wanted to see where he was physically. We think that he looks pretty good right now. Now, what that means, what kind of role he’ll have on offense, I’m not sure yet. Certainly, he’ll have a role as a returner for us.

Q)Has Cribbs lobbied for a role on offense?

Ryan: No, he certainly hasn’t lobbied to do it. He’s probably trying to figure out formations right now. I think he’s just happy to be out here, be given an opportunity. We’ll see what he can do and how quickly he picks things up.

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