Rex Ryan various points on QB change Dan Leberfeld

Here are some of Rex Ryan’s thoughts on his decision to replace Geno Smith with Mike Vick at quarterback . . .

“I have decided to go with Mike Vick this week. Give him an opportunity to work extensively with the first team offense, and have Geno (Smith) take a step back for the first time in his career. Maybe get (Smith) a different perspective of it, maybe just kind of sit back and observe it from a different perspective.

“This is not looking long term, this is about the immediate. My focus is just on Kansas City and trying to find a way to get a win. That’s why this decision was made.

“I think when Mike came into the game I thought it did give us a spark. I felt the energy on the sideline.

“I think given an opportunity, that he really hasn’t been given, which is to run with the first team all week, we will see how it plays out.

“I think Geno had a tremendous game against New England. I felt great about it. I really thought we were going to have a great game this week, and clearly that didn’t happen. Our execution was off to say the least.

“[Geno] just wasn’t accurate. I mean, we all saw that. The first one I think started with timing. The ball’s got to come out quicker and then when he released it to (Eric) Decker, it ended up clearly it was behind him. The overthrow, Percy (Harvin’s) clearly open on it and the ball just came out of his hand poorly. The ball just sailed on him.

“[Smith’s shoulder] doesn’t seem to be a serious injury, but there is an injury to his shoulder, so it’s not 100 percent right now. We’ll see. Hopefully, he’ll be able to throw the football on Wednesday. I’m not so sure he could do it right now.

“I think this is the right decision at this time.”