Rex should not be fired Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan should not be fired during or after this season.

He was forced by his GM to start a quarterback, the last two seasons, who was a project entering the NFL.

Geno Smith was the kind of prospect who needed to sit for a couple of years. Coming out of West Virginia, he had a ton to work on – footwork, accuracy, playing under center, pocket presence, speeding up his decision-making and so forth.

He wasn’t instant coffee.

This is John Idzik’s quarterback.

And since he is Idzik’s quarterback, and the Jets played him way before he was ready, why should Ryan lose his job, due to a pair of substandard seasons, with this player as his signal-caller?

This is quarterback-driven league. There is no way around that. You can point to this weakness or that weakness, but all arrows usually point back to the quarterback.

And has Ryan ever had a true answer at quarterback while coaching the Jets? Probably not.

Drafting Smith and hitching the Jets’ wagon to him was Idzik’s plan.

So why would you fire Ryan when he was forced to play a quarterback who was handed the car keys to quickly?

You shouldn’t.