Rex’s OTA overview Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan covered a lot of things at the top of his press conference this week. Here are some of his thoughts . . .

“A lot of mistakes that were made [Wednesday],” Ryan said. “We had like six or seven penalties today. We were blowing coverages, blowing assignments and it’s a good thing we’re not playing because it was kind of ugly out there today.

“Another example of what you’ll see sometimes is a guy will be thinking and then the physical part that he’s done, that’s easy, all of sudden shows up missing. All you’ve got to do is look at Jace (Amaro). Jace had like three drops. And I’m like wait a second, he did catch 106 balls right? But, he had three drops and that’s where clearly a guy is thinking so much that all of a sudden you lose the focus on what job one is: catch the football.

“All this is ok, as long as you improve, as long as you don’t see the same mistakes over and over. But, if they’re not learning and you’re making the same mistakes, that’s when you have some problems. So, that’s what you challenge your guys with.

“There (are) moments with each [rookie] where you can say some real positive things and then you’ve got some with growing pains. (Dakota) Dozier’s looked good. We’ve put him in there, right side, left side, different things. And he’s done some good things and then he’s also jumped off-sides about five times, but (we’re) seeing some positives.

“Really, and you can say it about all of them, almost every one of our rookies you can see some positive things and then you also see, oh boy, he’s a rookie.

“With (Calvin) Pryor, obviously it’s been the fact that he had some dental issues and I think that’s slowed him down. But, he’s been pretty impressive. For a guy that has missed some time, and then throw him back in there, he was on top of it. So, he’s been impressive that way to me.”