Rosenthal and Glazer smear the Jets Dan Leberfeld

Gregg Rosenthal, of the league’s OWN website,, said about the Jets’ GM search – “The New York Jets’ general manager search is not going well. They have met with a ton of quality candidates, but the position remains open. So what’s the problem?”

None. No great candidate turned them down. Dave Caldwell, Tom Telesco and Tom Heckert are great candidates?

They’re okay, but let’s not put them in Canton.

Fox’s Jay Glazer added. “They can’t give the position away. They are now calling back candidates that turned them down, saying please reconsider.”

Both of these men are overstating the problem here.

To say “they can’t give the position away,” is a statement rife with hyperbole.

There are a ton of candidates that want the job.