Ryan Fitzpatrick embraces the uncertainty Dan Leberfeld

Q)What are you thoughts on opening day?

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Opening day is always very exciting. All the work we put forth and all the uncertainty surrounding, ‘Okay, what kind of team are we going to have? How we’re going to be when we face adversity?’ I think we’ve got a veteran group here that’s handled and seen a lot of adversity, so I’m excited to see what we’re going to do. The first game of the year is always fun. We’re healthy going into the game. Everybody is excited and the uncertainty is a lot of fun too.

Q)How is your chemistry with your teammates on offense?

Fitzpatrick: Getting reps in practice and having a few weeks under my belt now and being able to work with our guys that certainly helps. It helps with everything, the timing, the communication, all that stuff. Just being comfortable in the huddle, me being comfortable with them, them being comfortable with me. It was nice to get a few preseason games in, however short it was in those games, just to work through some of the kinks and get on the same page with everything.

Q)How tough it is it to prepare for Week One with all the uncertainty about the opponent?

Fitzpatrick: There’s always a lot of uncertainty. You can watch tape from last year, watch it from the preseason, but there’s always going to be wrinkles. Part of that is the adversity I’m talking about and stuff happening during the game that maybe we didn’t foresee or having to make certain adjustments.

Q)Would you still be the starter in Houston if you didn’t get hurt?

Fitzpatrick: I hate to live in the world of hypotheticals, you know? I’m glad I’m here and I’m glad I’m Jet and I’m looking forward to the season.