Schotty responds to SNY basher Jenkins Dan Leberfeld

Kris Jenkins has been bashing Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer on a regular basis.

What kind of relationship do they have?

“I love Jenks (Jenkins),” Schottenheimer said. “I think Jenks is great. I don’t have any ill feelings towards Jenks. He’s allowed to have his opinions, and that’s fine.”

Jenkins says Schottenheimer is on the hot seat. Is this true?

“I’m always on the hot seat,” Schottenheimer said. “I’ve been on the hot seat for six years. It is part of the deal, and if you spend any time worrying about that stuff, then you’re not doing your job, because it’s going to be out there.”

Jenkins said that Schottenheimer “needs to take the training wheels off Sanchez.” What does Schotty think of this assessment?

“I don’t feel that Mark has training wheels on,” Schottenheimer said. “I don’t agree with that, but we all can certainly play better.”