Some advice for B-Schotty Dan Leberfeld

It might sound arrogant for a sportswriter (me) to give advice to an NFL offensive coordinator (Brian Shottenheimer), but here goes.

Don’t be afraid to go with the hot hand.

If a cornerback is having issues covering Santonio Holmes, there is nothing wrong with going to him over and over and over.

I saw Cleveland throw to tight end Ben Watson non-stop today because Miami couldn’t cover him.

It seems like B-Schotty is always looking to spread the weath, and sometimes fails to capitalize on a major mismatch.

I personally think he needs to tweak his approach a little.

Spreading the ball around is a good strategy (Tom Brady has made a living doing it).

But every once in a while, why not keep feeding the ball to one guy, over and over, until they stop it? Like when Wes Welker had 15 catches against the Jets last year.

When was the last time a Jet had double-digit catches in a game? I can’t remember.