Smith from Jets station continues to trash them Dan Leberfeld

Smith, a host on the Jets flagship station in New York, penned a column for ESPN New York – “In trading for a QB who can’t pass, Jets cement status as high-profile¬†sideshow.”

Smith went on to write –

“For those who were wondering why the Jets seem perpetually draped in second-tier status in New York, look no further than their latest exercise in conspicuous futility.

“In trading for flawed quarterback Tim Tebow, the Jets not only surrendered fourth- and sixth-round picks — plus an additional $2.5 million — they shoved a big chunk of their professional dignity and credibility right out the door along with those viable assets.

“Let us be clear: Tim Tebow’s arrival in New York is a complete joke. It’s a move so ridiculous, one could laugh openly … if only it were anyone but the New York Jets.”

Smith can be heard on the Jets’ flagship station from 7-9 pm, Monday-Friday.