Steven. A. Smith blasts Jets for not signing Kaepernick Dan Leberfeld

ESPN’s Steven A. Smith feels that the Jets are the most egregious example of the blacklisting.

Smith told SiriusXM’s Karen Hunter that free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being blacklisted by NFL teams, and the Jets are the most egregious example.

“Where the most egregious example lies, Karen, is with the New York Jets,” Smith told Hunter. “You have a team that has a 38-year-old in Josh McCown who is a journeyman, a second or third year player who is a Christian Hackenberg, who’s a puppy in the NFL, and some dude named Bryce Petty. None of whom have really played other than Josh McCown who is a journeyman, like I said. Colin Kaepernick, you can make an argument, he’s better than all three of them combined. But, they haven’t called Colin Kaepernick. They’re not considering him and remember who their owner is, it’s Woody Johnson, who’s an ambassador to the UK for the Trump administration. So, that’s the most egregious example.”

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