The best of Bowles from today . . . Dan Leberfeld

Q)Will Brandon Marshall play on Sunday?

Todd Bowles: He has to get a little better, but I’m hopeful that he will.

Q)Which is more of a problem, Marshall’s toe or ankle?

Bowles: They’re both equally sore.

Q)Who took reps at Calvin Pryor’s safety spot?

Bowles: Rontez (Miles), (Dion) Bailey, Marcus (Williams), Dee (Milliner), we have everybody taking reps.

Q)Aside from tackling, what other improvements do you want to see from your defense this week?

Bowles: Just getting back to fundamentals and playing our type of football, fast, getting off blocks a little more.

Q)Would a better pass rush help the corners?

Bowles: It would help the corners, just like covering better would help the pass rushers. We just have to play better overall.

Q)How hard is it for Buster Skrine to tackle with his injured shoulder?

Bowles: It was tough last week. He’s gotten a lot better this week. He put the pads on and put his shoulder on a few people this week so he’s gotten a little better in that regard.

Q)Did you change your approach with the team after back-to-back losses?

Bowles: No, we practiced with a little more urgency. We had the pads back on for the first time in a little while and we got used to some hitting and some tackling a little bit.

Q)On why Dion Bailey didn’t start last week at safety . . .

Bowles: He hasn’t been here long, so some of the things we were running, he wasn’t as familiar with during the week and it turned into an open passing game, so we just played the corners.