The draft’s top cornerback Dan Leberfeld

Oklahoma State’s Justin Gilbert has emerged as the top cornerback prospect in the draft. As they say, “you can never have enough good corners.” Here is a conversation with the Huntsville, TX-native . . .

Q)What are you measurements?

Gilbert: 6-foot-0, 202.

Q)Do you feel you are dangerous with the ball in your hands, whether on a return or pick?

Gilbert: Most definitely. I think I’m a dangerous return man with the ball in my hands and on an interception there is always a possibility for me to take it back to house.

Q)What are some parts of your game you continue to work on?

Gilbert: My transition coming out of my breaks and backpedalling. I was a terrible backpedaller, especially when I first got [to Oklahoma State] because I was a quarterback in high school. So defensive back was new to me. Being a good backpedaller and fluid with my hips was a big key.

You have to be able to use great technique. Because a guy like me you I have long legs, short torso. So it’s kind of hard for me to get my hips down and turn around and all that. But the more you work at it, the better you get at it.

Q)Did you play more man-to-man or zone in college?

Gilbert: I played a lot of press coverage. We were in press, pretty much, 70 percent of the game.

Q)Who is better between Darqueze Dennard and yourself?

Gilbert: I don’t know. I guess we’ll see come draft day. I think he’s a pretty complete play.

He’s a pretty good ballhawk. He does a good job of playing the ball in the air as well as me. That’s a similarity right there.

He’s not as fast me. I can tell you that.