The selection of FIU QB James Morgan makes perfect sense Dan Leberfeld

From a football business standpoint, the Jets picking FIU QB James Morgan in the fourth round, is a sound decision.
Yes they have Sam Darnold, but long-time NFL GM, and former Jets executive and consultant, Ron Wolf, believed that you should pick a QB in every draft, regardless of who you have at that position.
When he was the GM of Packers, he did that often, even though he had Brett Favre while in Green Bay.
His philosophy was it’s the NFL’s most important position, so you need to keep investing in players at that spot, and while none of the quarterbacks he picked beat out Favre, he ended getting a lot in the trade market for quarterbacks he drafted like Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks and Matt Hasselbeck. He landed a ton of great draft capital for these three players in trades.
When the Washington Redskins picked Robert Griffin III in the draft, they also selected Kirk Cousins in the fourth round. People wondered why they did that. It turned into a very good decision because Cousins turned out to be better than Griffin.
So whatever you think of Darnold, Joe Douglas picking Morgan makes perfect sense.
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