This guy could be special on next level Dan Leberfeld

Louisville safety Calvin Pryor has the potential to be special on the next level. He’s a ferocious hitter who also has good instincts in coverage. He’s likely going to go in the late first round, or somewhere in the second. Here is a Q-and-A with this terrific prospect . . .

Q)What can you tell us about your physical style of play?

Calvin Pryor: I love the game of football and I was brought up on toughness. To play the game of football you have to be tough and it’s a thinking game.

Q)Where did the toughness come from?

Pryor: My father really instilled it in me at a young age. When I used to fall on the ground and I think I hurt myself, he would just tell me to get back and just keep going and it caught up with me later in life.

Q)People talk about your skills in the box. How are you playing deep?

Pryor: I feel like I’m a very versatile player. I can drop in the middle of the field and cover a lot of range and just break on the ball.

Q)Who is a safety you like in the NFL?

Pryor: I became a huge fan of Kam Chancellor after this past season, just seeing the things that he does on the field and how he can affect the game so much.

Q)Do you feel like you’re the top safety in this draft?

Pryor: I do feel like that. I’m very confident in my game and my film speaks for itself.

Q)What makes you the top safety in this draft?

Pryor: Just all the things I can do. I can play strong safety, free safety, I can come up and hit, I feel I can cover. Just a playmaker. And I’m a leader.

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