This is a recipe for disaster Dan Leberfeld

Ithaca – The obsession with every Nick Folk miss is unhealthy.
Kickers are going to miss kicks. Jay Feely missed kicks.
But it sees like every time Folk misses a kick, it’s Chicken Little time.
First off all, these misses are in practice. This is the time to get the kinks out. He’s working with a new holder and snapper. There is an acclimation process.
If some fans and reporters continues to harp on every miss, it’s probably going to lead to the ruination of Folk.
Give the guy some leeway.
He’s going to miss some kicks, especially in the windtunnel known as The New Meadowlands.
Now if he misses more than “some” then there will be a problem.
But for now, let’s stop this obsession with every kick in minicamp and training camp.