This is a ridiculous narrative coming out of Jets camp Dan Leberfeld

Brandon Marshall is a great player.

He’s already one of the best receivers in Jets history.

And acquiring him last year from the Chicago Bears was one of the best trades they’ve ever made.

But this narrative that he showed leadership yesterday, by punting a ball out of frustration at the end of the team’s poor practice, is ridiculous.

While you have to respect his competitiveness, and the fact that he was ticked off at how the team practiced, it’s bizarre to consider this good leadership.

You need to practice like you play, and if you punt a football out of frustration in a game, you will get flagged.

“In a game that’s a penalty so we know we can’t do it,” Todd Bowles said. “Emotion is one thing as long as you tailor it the right way.”

Personally, I don’t care that Marshall punted the ball out of frustration in practice. I think this story has been give way too much play.

But to act like this was a great display of leadership is a reach.