The Jets Source Needs To Toughen Up Dan Leberfeld

“Worried” is a foolish way to feel about this situation.

It makes them sound weak.

“Despite their willingness to throw a truckload of money and a heavily front-loaded contract at Cousins in an attempt to lure the free agent franchise quarterback to New York, the Jets are worried he might already be destined to sign with the Vikings instead,” wrote SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano. “According to a team source, they are aware of the league-wide speculation that Cousins is ticketed for Minnesota and they are taking that threat seriously after some informal, preliminary talks with his camp this week.”

Man, do the Jets have a lot of “team sources,” don’t they?

Would it be a good move for the Jets to sign Cousins?

Perhaps, but they shouldn’t be “worried” about him signing with Minnesota.

Give if your best shot, and if doesn’t work out, move on to another plan, like perhaps re-signing Josh McCown and drafting a QB at six, and spending all the money saved by not getting Cousins on their MANY needs.

Worried, Schmurried.

That is a ridiculous way for anyone from the Jets to feel about potentially missing out on a QB who is good, but has just one playoff appearance.

Whoever the source is needs to toughen up.

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