This Mike Vick stuff is bull Dan Leberfeld

I keep hearing on ESPN, and other places, how Mike Vick hasn’t been impressive since arriving with the Jets, so he’s not an option.

That is bull crap.

I’ve watched 99 percent of the practices since he arrived.

He’s still a good player.

He has a great arm and can run like a deer.

One thing that contributed to his issues in San Diego, is that he almost never works with the first-team, and when he does, it’s on a limited basis. So his chemistry isn’t great with some of these targets.

Also, the Jets didn’t game-plan for him in San Diego. It was a game-plan for Geno Smith. When Vick starts a game, with his unique skill-set, you really need to design a Vick-specific game plan to maximize his talent.

Look, I’m not putting Vick in Canton.

He’s not a great quarterback, but I still think he’s a good one, who has a lot of experience (which is so important at that position).

These reports that he hasn’t looked good in practice (the limited reps he gets) have been blown way out proportion.

If the Jets want to stick with Geno Smith, that is their right, but this idea that Vick can’t help them, is nonsense.