This narrative is unfair to Geno Dan Leberfeld

There is a popular narrative going around: Now that Geno Smith has a big-time weapon (Percy Harvin), he has no more excuses, and must show he’s “the man” for the Jets’ QB job, in the final nine games.

Yes, he definitely needs to play well over the second half of this season to solidify his position as the Jets’ starting quarterback.

But it’s somewhat unfair to say now that Harvin is with the Jets, Smith now can truly show what he can do.

He has no QB-WR chemistry with Harvin. That sort of thing can take months, and sometimes longer. Also Harvin only knows a scintilla of the Jets’ playbook.

So to act like a mid-season addition at receiver is going to allow people to now evaluate Smith properly, is a concept being a little overblown.

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