DD is a good player, not perfect, but solid Dan Leberfeld

Jets inside linebacker DeMario Davis is taking a lot of criticism from some in the media.

I think it’s a little over-the-top.

The guy is a good football player.

He’s tough, durable, studious and hard-working.

He makes a lot of plays in the box, whether it’s tackles (second on the team) or as a blitzer.

He missed a tackle in Oakland on Taiwan Jones’ 59-yard touchdown run. So did Marcus Williams and Marcus Gilchrist. It happens.

He has taken some heat for his coverage.

Yes, he’s given up some plays in coverage, but what inside linebacker in football doesn’t get beat in coverage here and there?

A friend of mine used to play inside linebacker in the NFL. He always points that if you give a quarterback 5-7 seconds to throw, it’s too much time for most inside linebackers to hold up in coverage, and they are going to get beat at times. In other words, a good pass rush certainly helps inside linebackers have more success in coverage.

Is Davis the best coverage linebacker in football? No, but overall he’s a very solid player.

I think one reason some in the press are quick to rip Davis, is that he doesn’t like to talk to them. A lack of of media cooperation will generally get you blasted quicker.

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