Tidbits from Pettine Dan Leberfeld

Thoughts from Mike Pettine –

“The one thing that jumps out is his playing speed.” – Pettine on Aaron Maybin

“He has a good knock of getting the ball out with the tomahawk move.” – Pettine on Maybin causing fumbles

“There is such good chemistry – you have that trust. Rivers and Gates have been together for so long, they are always on the same page without having to speak.” – Pettine on Rivers and Gates

“It’s such a vertical passing attack – you have to drop in your zones deep – teams have chosen to take away those throws from Rivers, but then there is a huge separation (for the running backs, who are catching a lot of passes). Teams are chosing bend, but don’t break.” – Pettine on the Chargers passing game this season

“Of the three years we have been here, this is his best year. He’s all business. He’s dedicated to learning the finer points of the defense.” – Pettine on Calvin Pace

“Kansas City didn’t allow San Diego those explosive plays. That is why they were in the game.” – Pettine on the Chargers-Chiefs game

“Rivers is 6-5, and the release point isn’t that of a guy who is 6-5.” – Rivers on blocking passes by Rivers

“I’m not sure. That is something that we have discussed behind closed doors. I ask Dennis Thurman on the headset – do we have the good Cro or the bad Cro.” – Pettine on why Cro is so inconsistent.