Todd Bowles gets ticked at all the Richardson-Marshall questions Dan Leberfeld

Q)What did you think of Sheldon Richardson’s comments about Brandon Marshall?

Todd Bowles: My thoughts on it are they know how I feel. We’ve addressed it. I really don’t have time for a bunch of BS that happened a year ago. We had sixth months to talk about it. All that (stuff) is over. He’s been well informed of that, and we’ve moved on from that.

Q)Have you talked to Richardson since yesterday?

Bowles: We’ve moved on from there. Believe me. We’ve had team discussions, individual discussions and we’ve moved on.

Q)Do you mean Richardson has been informed?

Bowles: Everybody’s been informed. He’s been informed. Everyone’s been informed.

Q)Has everyone been informed since yesterday?

Bowles: That’s when it happened. I don’t have time for the BS. We’ve moved forward. It’s not my discussion to have.