Tomlinson thinks Rex is part of solution Dan Leberfeld

Here is what former Jets player LaDainian “L.T.” Tomlinson had to say about Rex Ryan on SiriusXM Radio today –

“I wouldn’t say that they are not disciplined and Rex doesn’t hold those guys accountable, because he does. He lets guys have it whenever they need to have it.

“When we talk about coaches who are a ‘player’s coach’, it means that the coach is always talking to the players, the players feel comfortable that they can go talk to the coach.

“Now, there are some coaches that really don’t talk to the players. … Rex Ryan is always a guy that is around the players, talking to the players, talking about game plans, and players feel comfortable that they can go to Rex Ryan and talk to him about the game plan [and say], ‘Hey, Rex, I like the game plan,’ or ‘I don’t like this part about the game plan.’ That’s a player’s coach.

“I think he’s part of the solution, I really do. Because there are certain qualities that you have to have as a head coach in order to lead a football team and I just believe, being in that locker room, being around Rex Ryan, hearing him talk, hearing the things he talks about, the game planning, I just believe he’s the right guy.

“He understands how to motivate men in the National Football League. And that’s what it ultimately comes down to. Preparing guys is one thing and he does a great job, obviously, preparing guys but at the end of the day you have to be able to motivate these men that make a lot of money. And Rex Ryan can do that.”