Tough blow for Saunders, on and off field Dan Leberfeld

As most of you know by now, Jets rookie wide receiver Jalen Saunders was involved in a single-car accident this morning on his way to the Jets’ training complex in Florham Park.

He was taken to a hospital and is being monitored there as a precaution, and will not travel to Cincinnati for the Jets’ Saturday night preseason game against the Bengals.

First off, let’s hope he’s a okay. That is the most important thing.

But it goes without saying that missing this game certainly isn’t a good thing for his maturation process as an NFL punt returner, which by no means, is an easy job.

He was going to get a chance to field punts on the road for the first time.

Saunders has a lot of potential as a punt returner, but he certainly needs work. You hear coaches preaching to him in practice – “catch it and head up field.” Sometimes he has a tendency to dance a little.

So missing the work in Cincinnati isn’t a good thing.

But the main focus now is his health following the car accident. It’s unclear what the nature of his injuries are. On a human level, putting football aside, let’s hope he has a speedy recovery.