Tough questions posed for Marty on what competition means Dan Leberfeld

Q)Was there ever a quarterback competition this summer?

Marty Mornhinweg: Well you know we get into a little bit of (confusion with) words here. Great competition, between all of (the quarterbacks), and that’s the key. That’s what we want on this football team, at all positions. Certainly there is a handful of positions that the fellas have earned their spot. There are other positions where there are some great battles taking place. So we always want competition, so there you have it.

Q)Was Vick was ever competing for a starting job?

Mornhinweg: Well we were all in competition. I will tell you this, crazy things happen. So there was great competition, still is, at the quarterback spot.

Q)Do the Jets define competition differently than the dictionary?

Mornhinweg: I’m not sure about that. Competition, that’s what you want, at every position. In fact, the receivers spot, we have a lot of battles going on there as well.

Q)Did Vick lose the competition for the starting job?

Mornhinweg: No. Mike has done a beautiful job, and he has played at a high level. Mike can still play at a real high level. I have great confidence that way. Now of course, I am biased towards Mike, we go way back. There is no question in my mind, Mike can play at a high level.

*These questions and answers were from Marty Mornhinweg’s press conference yesterday in Florham Park.