Why so many FF miles for this new Jet? Dan Leberfeld

Why has he been on so many different teams? What happened?

During a conference call with Jets beat reporters last week, CB Pierre Desir was asked what his theory was on why his career has taken him to so many different teams. The Jets are his fifth team in seven years.

“Some times things don’t work out, but God has a plan,” Desir said.

Desir’s had stops in Cleveland, San Diego, Seattle, Indianapolis and now the Jets.

One of the issues has been health. In his first six seasons, he’s only played one complete season, which was in 2018 with the Colts. He also battled injuries in college.

But teams keep signing him because he has good instincts and ball skills.

If he can finally buck his rough injury history, like safety Marcus Maye did for the Jets last year, Desir should be able to help Gang Green’s defense, perhaps as a #2 CB.

“My ceiling is very high and I will continue to get better,” Desir said.


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