Kearse – ‘It’s not proving people wrong. It’s proving people who believed in us right’ Dan Leberfeld

Q)Has the receiver group proved people wrong who thought this would be one of the worst groups in the NFL?

Kearse: It’s not necessarily proving people wrong. It’s proving the people who believed in us right, so I think that’s our focus. We don’t necessarily worry about people who doubt us, but the people that support us and have our back, we do it for them.

Q)What are your thoughts on you and Robby Anderson both going over 100 yards in consecutive games?

Kearse: We try to push each other whether he’s trying to push me or I’m trying to push him. We’re real competitive out there. It’s a testament to our whole group. I don’t think it’s just me and Robby, our young guys are contributing to that as well, and it’s also good to have a win come behind it.

Q)On Josh McCown’s rushing . . .

Kearse: He’s 38 but he looks like he’s 26 out there. He’s been huge for us, his leadership throughout the week and the whole season has allowed us to get better and better.

Q)On how well team played on third down . . .

Kearse: Chad Hansen made some big third downs for us. He came up huge. He’s been playing really well for us, and we just have to continue to build off that. If we want to be successful on offense, we’re going to have to convert on third down, and I feel like we’ve been doing a good job of that lately.