A heaping helping Dan Leberfeld

Morris County – A lot of things need to change around here, and few things happened today that were illustrative of what we’re talking about . . .

Some strange stuff going on out here.

Sheldon Richardson showed no remorse for his Snapchat video that used words like “hoe,’ and other dicey terminology.

“Do I regret it? It getting out, that’s about it,” Richardson said. “I don’t regret saying it. I was having fun with a friend. I mean, y’all have sent videos inappropriately to y’all friends, too.

And when asked about Richardson’s string of off-the-field issues being a problem, Todd Bowles refused to connect this anything else the player has done. There were no connective tissues in his mind to the police chase, the pot suspension, being late for meetings.

I don’t agree with the coach. There is a continuum at work here . . .

Today, the Jets’ writers voted to give Brandon Marshall, “The Good Guy Award” for media cooperation.

He was to be presented with a plaque with his name on it.

So as a group of writers start walking over to his locker, he asks them to wait as he was doing an interview with Manish Mehta. A special one-on-one that was going on forever, as this writer is wont to do.

So this big group of people who are going to present him with an award, had to back away, and wait another 10-15 minutes to present him the award.

One long-time beat writer had steam coming out his ears. I’m not going to lie, this situation ticked me off also.

Mehta, who has turned the Jets’ media scene on its head, and has so many players pissed at him, makes the award ceremony wait, so he can continue his long one-on-one, and Marshall goes along with this, and the team officials do nothing.

If it was up to me, I wouldn’t have given Marshall the award after this. He knows this guy’s game. Cut the damn interview off, and let the other writers come over.

What a ridiculous situation.

The Jets have no answer for Mehta. None.

He’s run roughshod over the place.

It’s sad . . .

The Jets got some good news today – Bryce Petty practiced full, and felt good.

Barring a setback, he should be able to play on Saturday.

This sets up the match-up of Tom Brady and Bryce Petty. May the best man win.

Honestly, the Jets aren’t really in a winning mode right now. They are in a young player development/young player experience mode.

They can spin it all they want, but Florham Park is like NFL Europe right now . . .

With Brian Winters going on IR, Dakota Dozier will start at right guard. He spent the last three years patiently waiting for his opportunity. It will be interesting to see what the Furman product can do in the last two games. He certain looks the part and he works hard. The big thing will be how he deals with stunts and switch-off blocks, always a challenge for young linemen. The Pats do this stuff a lot.


December 20, 2016

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